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ore tha◆t...the more you◆ see the continuiti●es and cha〓nges of Ch◆inese culture."CRO●SSING CULTURAL BA●RRIERS IN DI■GITAL, VISUAL WORL●DLaughlin has be◆en changing hi〓s syllabus a■nd ways of teach●ing his students abo○ut literatu●re in general as i●t is becom○ing "margina○lized by digital cul〓ture and visua●l culture.●" His Chinese liter〓ature course i●s no exception."I th〓ink another challe●nge we have here is○ that students ar■e not necessarily re◆ading a lot of l○iterature an■yway, " he said〓. "We have to ◆draw their● attention back to 〓the specif●ic richnes●s of language a●nd text. But I also ●use more film〓 and visua◆l culture i■n my classes."As〓 to his student■s' reaction to the ●"By the Riv〓er" novella■ collection,● he said: "Ameri○can students who d

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◆on't know so ●much about China ○find it a little dif◆ficult to relate t◆o the proble○ms and issues that ◆characters ■in these storie〓s are dealing with.〓""Some of t●hem liked st●ories more th◆an I expec■ted them to?/p>

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? And some o●f them disl■iked stories that ○I thought that they ●would like," ●he said. "Bu〓t I think they ●make a grea○t component to ◆use in teaching a○bout modern○ and contempo■rary Chine■se literature.""Apa●rt f

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rom learn■ing the thoughts, fe●elings, and prior●ities of Chinese 〓characters● or authors,〓 I think literatur○e helps convinc●e us of our c●ommon humanity,●" he said. "Th◆is is particula■rly import◆ant in a world that